Current Projects


I've been feeling dry for the past couple of days. I'm looking for motivation and inspiration in places that don't have any either.

While going through my Google+ feed, I came across post from "The Social Media Hat" on How to Blog like Bilbo Baggins, and it was just the inspiration I was looking for to get me through this latest creative block.

This is just a quick note. It reads, "Thank you very much for writing this" in Qunya.


Short Story idea:

Guy jumps out of a window from the top floor of a really tall building. Or he jumps out of an airplane and the parachute malfunctions. The story is what goes through his head on the way down, slightly based on the Kurt Vonnegut story.

Inspiration comes from my newborn son. For the first day of existence, he was prone to twitching as if he were being electrocuted or...going through the filters in my head, as if he were constantly waking from a falling dream. His twitching were less like seizures, and more like he was being shocked. The doctors and nurses all claim that it's normal behavoir, that the synapses in his head are having a hard time finding its intended target because his head has yet to fully develop. But I can't help but think about reincarnation. At least a little bit.

What if his twitching is an echo of a violent death from a previous life?