Forest City Design Co.

Well, I'm back.

My first experience with opening up my own store on Café Press didn't go as planned, so I took a few months, licked my wounds and spent some time learning some new techniques and working on fine tuning my own designs. Or at least, learning how to doodle really well.

Lessons learned, the line in the sand has been set, and I know that I can push it, taunt it, dance around it...but never cross it. The ideas that I had at the beginning of this venture have played themselves out in other arenas and have officially jumped the shark. Just as well, I was never really satisfied with the result. So, these designs have been officially retired...

I decided to wipe the slate clean and return with a fresh approach. While referencing pop culture is a way to push product, it surely isn't the only way.

I decided, however, to keep this design...

This was a restyled and revamped design of my first attempt ever to design something. This holds a certain sentimentality for me, not just because of the whole local-vore movement message, but it also represents a moment where I started enjoying what I was doing. This is my baby, I'm not letting this one go.

Another reason as to why I am abandoning pop culture references (I mean, other than I stand a better chance of selling something original than something that's popular at the moment) is that I have set up shop at Redbubble.What does that mean? Have you checked out the front page yet? Go ahead. Click the link. I'll wait until you get back....

...see what I mean?

That's how high the bar is set. This is the level I must AT LEAST come close to if I am to take this seriously. I'm just a guy hoping to start a cottage industry. These people are seasoned pros. That being said, there is no hierarchy over there, it's more democratic. More social. I think I'll do fine.

Anyway, I have a new shop with new items being added as soon as they come to me. Although the new shop is very pretty, and I'd like very much to share it on this page, the best I can do is share a link where it will take you to my shop, where hopefully something catches your eye and you buy something. Or...many things.

Or if you really, really want to stay informed on the new designs are coming out, (and I know you do), subscribe to me and you'll be the first to see them in all of their glory.

To grab a t-shirt, tote bag or print, follow this link:

All designs are printed on American Apparel clothing, so you'll be receiving the highest quality, affordable, most ethically produced garments made in the United States.

If you can't afford a shirt, comments and accolades are always welcome :)

Thank you again for your feedback and continued patronage.