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Too Proud To Beg, But This Time, I'll Make An Exception.

If I may bend your ear for a moment...

I come from the school of not asking for help; to always work for what you want, and good things will come to you. I have always stubbornly plodded along, got my hands dirty, made mistakes, started over, repeated until I got it, all the while ignoring the fact that I just might be easier to swallow pride and ask for help. It's a trait that I picked up from my parents.

My folks have always been there for me. Through thick and thin, good choices and bad, they've supported me in everything that I've done.

In the past 24 hours, there has come another time that we have had to swallow our pride and ask for help. My car, a car which is currently being used by my luckily employed girlfriend, a car that has gone through living in salty environments through out its various owners, is now undrivable because CV joint and front axle have finally called it quits. Needless to say, this does not help my girlfriend's situation where she just needs to get to her job that she just got two weeks ago. It doesn't help our family's situation because we are a one car family and we use it for everything.

We contacted the shop, and they told us the damage. Needless to say, we were shocked. It was above and beyond what we thought it would be. Panicked, we started looking for avenues of getting cash. Bank loan, payday loan (NOT RECOMMENDED), apply for a credit card with an EXTREMELY high APR, nothing seemed a viable alternative to the exact thing that I didn't want to do which was call my folks for help. Again.

They graciously offered help. And if it were any other time, I would have found a way to pay it back somehow, someway. But this time is not that time.

Within the next few days, my father (pictured here with my boy) is going into surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. This man is a strong, gentle, dignified man and it breaks my heart to see something like this get the better of him.

One of the greatest traits that I could ever hope to live up to from my folks, is the ability to be completely selfless when it comes to those in need, be it for children or otherwise. They are helping me even though it may be a complete liability. My folks are not rich, but they live a good life, and that is far more worthy.

My folks have always been there for me, now it's time that I be there for them. Below is a link to a GoFundMe page. Proceeds will go towards medical expenses. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

I don't like begging, and I'm especially not fond of using this blog as a platform for a hand out, but one of the lessons my dad has taught me, is that it's okay to ask for help sometimes. I'm asking for help. Thank you for your time and generosity.

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