Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Sourdough Project, Day 3

Okay, note to self: Read the damn directions. Of course the seed culture didn't rise, it wasn't supposed to!

....okay, no problem.

So, after needlessly starting again, I


[flips open book to the sourdough page] Aw, geez! Would ya look at that:

"Day Two: There will probably be little or no growth of the dough."

HaHAAAA! How's THAT for investigative journalism. On day two, the instructions say to "crumble" the remaining dough into a bowl after getting rid of half of it.DSC00235The act of "crumbling" to me suggests breaking up something that's...I dunno...crumbly. Like a cookie, or a cracker....or a Papa John's pizza. Why not start out with smaller measurements? Not sure. But, I'm supposed to "crumble" this dough into a bowl. You tell me:DSC00236
Does this look like something you "crumble"?"Ewwww....I touched it...." I crumble this into a bowl, add bread flour and a little water and knead until the dough has the same consistency as Day 1.

Having learned my lesson, I look a little bit further into the process, and it states that if the dough hasn't doubled in size by the third day, repeat step two, and so on until the dough does indeed grow. At this rate, I don't understand that if there's nothing left of the original seed culture, how will it continue to grow? If I keep cutting away at it, it will eventually just turn to glue.

In any case, it looks like I'll be repeating this process over the next few days. Since I have other things to blog about, I'll be reporting back when there is real progress.