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Thoughts On Fiction Writing: Are We Running Out of Ideas?

The past year has kept me busy.

I've been plotting, drafting and writing a few short stories that will hopefully find their way between the covers of a freshly minted, self-published compilation.
The whole experience is clunky. I think that's the professional term to use. From scribbling down a thought for the few minutes out of any given day that I'm able to scrounge up, to calculating the cost of publishing things myself, the whole thing is about as pleasant as chewing 3 penny nails.
While my first drafts take the time to proof in a warm and dry spot, I thought I would seize upon the opportunity to write about something that didn't have to do with vampires who want to kill each other or an ill-conceived romp to the moon where some ancient squabbles are still being fought in secret, or woodland creatures escaping persecution from a brutal and indifferent caste system.

You know... normal stuff.

Today was all about remembering what it was like to talk about something o…
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Spare Me Your Thoughts & Prayers (NSFW)

There was a period of time back in the early 90s where the albums, "No More Cocoons" and "Fear of a Black Planet" were in heavy rotation on my CD player. Both Jello Biafra and Chuck D were (are) prime examples of what first came to mind whenever I think of "Slam Poetry".
At the time, it was new to me. The anarchic spitting of some of its finer authors who felt the constraints of society through verses that could barely contain their rage, let alone a classic structure, spoke to me that there was more to poetry than couplets and iambic pentameter. It signaled to me that poetry wasn't just empty drivel in a greeting card. Poetry could love, be passionate, and rage in more ways than I thought possible.

Although I am a fan, I'm not a practitioner. What I would sweat for hours over a notebook page for was done so much better, and more effortlessly by my heroes.
Recently though, I've been feeling it.
I have committed myself to write on a more regular b…

Top 5 Horror Movies From A Guy Who Doesn't Like Horror Movies

You heard right, I can't stand horror movies.

Not entirely for the reason you might suspect, which is: "Heh...I knew that guy was a sissy." In which case, you might be right.

Maybe it all started from being traumatized at a young age watching some Anthony Perkins hosted, 70s era montage show about horror movies (I was 6, and completely unprepared). Maybe it had something to do with watching "Trilogy of Terror" on Halloween, and not being able to cope with it for months (little bastard freaked the hell out of me!).

Maybe it had something to do with growing up in Maine, and the ghosts that we live with are so much more realistic, yet slightly less terrifying than anything Hollywood could produce.

The monsters that existed just outside of the glow of the flashlight?

If you grew up in the part of Maine where it's slow to catch up with the rest of the world, you know that they're there.

They've always been there.

Maybe it has something to do with growin…

Changes, Updates, Declarations and the Future of The Writers' Bloc

Yep, it's all about the change around here.
Leaves are falling, school is well underway, another year crawling to an end. 
It's the time of year where I turn my face towards the sun, reflect on where I am, take a deep breath of crisp, autumn air and think, "How the fuck did I get here? No seriously, where am I?"

Late last year, I made an almost exact replica of this blog on WordPress. Were you to ask me at the time why I made two blogs with the same name, I would have answered with full bravado, and just a tinge of desperation that I wanted to see which platform would have been better in terms of views. To say nothing that it's probably not the wisest decision in the world to do so. The initiative to self-start was so strong that I kind of blinded me to other things, such as unwittingly confusing followers and diminishing the impact of whatever I write by posting it twice. These are the lessons learned after the fact.
I wasn't thinking clearly. Then again, i…